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65% of the world's population sends and receives SMS. With SMS, you can simplify your messaging, get closer to
your prospects, and see results like never before.

One Tap Away From Conversions
The power of SMS marketing is at your fingertips. With just one tap, you can send messages to your contacts and convert more leads.

Highly Personal And Compelling
Engage with your audience in a more personal way than ever before - push SMS notifications directly to the devices that they use the most.

Complements Email Marketing
Send personalized emails and push notifications into one automated workflow to give your customers a consistent experience across channels and earn repeat shoppers.

Create Profitable Conversations
Greet and entice new customers with a simple welcome message, then send relevant promotional messages based on their responses and notify customers on the go.

The benefits of BayEngage's SMS marketing software are too good to overlook!

Meet BayEngage: An Incredibly Powerful And
Simple SMS Marketing Platform

Leverage The Power of BayEngage's SMS Marketing Platform to Increase Revenue

Grow your SMS Audience

Grow your SMS Audience
Use pre-built pop-up templates and prompt visitors to sign up. Once a visitor signs up with their phone number, you can get consent and easily convert website visitors to SMS subscribers with one click.

Pre-built SMS Ideas
Tap into our library of pre-built SMS ideas - customize them to fit your target audience. Send relevant, contextual, and timely text messages with the best SMS marketing platform in minutes.

Pre-built SMS Ideas
SMS Compliance

SMS Compliance
Our SMS marketing platform’s double opt-in process ensures that you comply with user privacy. It will also stop sending messages during your subscribers' quiet hours and let you limit the number of SMS your subscribers receive by setting the delivery threshold up to 24 hrs, reducing spam and unsubscribes.

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1-1 Conversations
BayEngage’s text message marketing software has powerful features to connect directly with your customers and develop revenue-generating conversations.

With our best SMS marketing platform, you can even browse ten of the most recent conversations in the list view to stay on top of recent chats.

SMS Keywords
Our SMS marketing platform captures user consent with specific keywords (STOP, YES, and UNSTOP) and manages your SMS list without any hassle. Based on the users’ responses, you can build a compliant list of subscribers for your SMS campaigns

SMS Keywords
SMS Campaigns

SMS Campaigns
Send exclusive offers, reminders, announcements, transactional messages, provide personalized recommendations, solicit feedback, promote seasonal sales, inform about new collections, and more using text message marketing software.

Data-driven Reports
SMS marketing software gets you quick and easy access to see how your channel's subscribers have grown over time. It helps you evaluate the effectiveness of automation and flow of each SMS campaign.

SMS Available Bayengage

MMS Messaging
Make your texts more captivating and click-worthy with MMS messaging. Increase customer engagement with rich media content such as images and gifs. You can upload images up to 5MB in size. In addition, JPEG, PNG, and GIF file formats are currently supported.

Unique URL Shortener
When you send an SMS message, you have to fit your message into 150 characters or less. This means that every word counts, and each character counts twice as much as usual! If you're trying to tell someone about a link that goes to your website, that link could be long and complicated but if you use our Unique URL Shortener, we'll break it down for you and make sure it fits within the character limit.

Delivery Threshold
Delivery threshold allows you to control the speed and frequency of your messages. This can be useful if you have a specific time frame during which you want your message to be sent or if you have a specific time frame in which you don't want your message to be sent. This means that your messages will be delivered at a comfortable pace for your recipients and sent when they're most likely to get read.

Double Opt-in Compliance
Our SMS marketing software confirms a subscriber's consent to receive messages from your company. This is important in ensuring compliance with CAN-SPAM laws and other worldwide regulations. It also helps you avoid sending unwanted messages to people who don't want them and protects your company from fines and other penalties.

Branded Link Shortener
Our branded link shortener makes a shorter version of a URL you want to share online built around a brand name or related term. It's similar to a vanity URL, but instead of your name, it's based on your company's name. Branded link shorteners make links easier to read, remember, and share. When someone sees the link, they can instantly tell what it's about because they recognize the brand name or keyword.

Dedicated Toll-free Number for Each Client
When you send your customers SMS messages, they can reply to the message with their questions or concerns. If you have a dedicated toll-free number for each client, you can respond immediately and provide the information they need. This can make it easier for your customers to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently, which makes them feel more satisfied with your business.

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SMS marketing refers to the use of text messages to send out advertising campaigns, or time-sensitive offers for marketing purposes. SMS marketing can provide amazing results to small and medium-sized businesses because of its low cost, excellent delivery, and open rate.

The basic plan with BayEngage starts at $149 per month and includes access to 5000 messages. You have complete control over the plan and can cancel it at any time.

BayEngage has extensive experience assisting small businesses in improving their communication. Furthermore, BayEngage’s SMS marketing platform includes SMS ideas, 1-1 conversations, data-driven reports, and more that are critical for businesses to skyrocket their sales revenue.

Yes. At the moment, BayEngage also provides a dedicated number for your business to begin SMS campaigns.

First, create an account with BayEngage. Set up a dedicated phone number for your organization. Import your contact list and send an opt-in text to get permission for future communications. Then, launch your first SMS marketing campaign.