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One-Click Data Import & Auto Segmentation

Import your contacts and create tailor-made campaigns based on automatic segmentation on BayEngage. Segmentation helps you personalize campaigns based on transactional, demographic, and behavioral data and drive more conversions.

Import your contacts

Create your contact list by simply importing your contacts to BayEngage. The best part? We help you automatically clean up the duplicates and make sure that your list is ‘Spick n Span’.

Segment your list

Sort your list based on a variety of filters and make personalized email marketing a reality! You can segment your contacts based on transactional, demographic, behavioral data, and more

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How To Connect And Convert?

Here’s how BayEngage’s lists and segments can help you personalize your emails

Speak their language

Segmentation based on customer demographics can help you create campaigns that are relatable and personal

Understand their needs

Segmentation based on customer behavior in the store like the orders placed and total amount spent can help you understand their needs and create tailor-made content

Track their engagement

Segmentation based on emails opened, clicked, and unsubscribes can help you gauge insights on the recipient’s interests in your emails and further refine your communication

Segmented, targeted, and personalized emails generate 58% of all revenue.

Segment your lists and personalize your emails.

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Customer Testimonials


Great team! Very attentive and willing to assist us to achieve our marketing goals.BayEngage App works greatand is user friendly. Highly recommended.

- The Little Bra Company®



The best! We have had tremendous success using BayEngage. It is a veryrobust platform that continues to grow with us.

- Good State



The options areendless. Extremely user friendly. Vast array of FREEstock photos and BayEngage has free filters and tons of editing tools for images.

- Omg Miami Swimwear